How its works

This program offers you 3 types of Income.

  • Working Income.
  • Referral Rewards.
  • Referral Bonus.

A) Working Income

Here Our Head Office Post daily task for your location wise Bank Related Task. Every task has some monetary value. Once you complete that task and after submission successfully, Head office will verify credentials of your Task. If credentials found right, your account will be credited the agreed amount within 48 hours of verification of credentials.

B) Referral Rewards

This Income will be paid in your account just because you arrange manpower for, as if we invite manpower through Advertisement, we need to spend some amount, here we distribute that amount in our CLA network against facilitating company in acquiring adequate Manpower. Ultimately you are given opportunity to earn with referring other people to join this CLA program. After approval of joining of that person Head office credit a amount to your account

C) Referral Bonus

This is the most important part of CLA programme. You will earn referral bonus whenever your downline referral works and earn money, you will get a certain % of their Payout as referral bonus up to 2 level. For example, if Person A refer to Person B and Person B refer to Person C. When Person B works then Person A always got referral bonus. Moreover when Person C works then Person B and Person A also Got Income this power of Working Network.

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